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Heat Pumps


Need a heating solution for your home? Is your existing heat pump in disrepair? Our team provides the highest level of quality in heat pump installations, repairs and replacements. When you hire us, you can rest assured that all jobs are performed by knowledgeable technicians. Our experienced staff is dedicated to serving your needs, and we’re ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

BS Plumbing trained technicians can help with installing a new heat pump in your home or replacing your existing unit. Get in touch to learn more about the model we would recommend for you.


Is your existing heat pump in need of repairs? Many people tend to forget about their heat pump systems until they run into issues with them. You’ll want experienced professionals to help when repairs are required in a timely manner. That’s where BS Plumbing can be of assistance. We have the knowledge and skills to provide accurate and cost-effective heat pump repairs.