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Professional Furnace Repair and Installation

Making a warm and inviting environment in your home for your family and guests is important throughout the year, notably during the colder months in BS Plumbing. Ensuring that your furnace is accurately installed will make it even more probable that it will run well and operate at its peak performance.

Before you settle on a new furnace, explore all of BS Heating and Plumbing’s services and offerings to ensure that your furnace installation is done efficiently and right.

We offer FREE on-site estimates to install your new natural gas high-efficiency furnace. Upgrading your heating system to a high-efficiency furnace will increase your quality of comfort AND reduce your energy bills by up to 37%. The efficiency of a furnace is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) which is commonly expressed in percentages. Furnaces are categorized by how they operate and distribute heat throughout your home; your furnace may be categorized as:

FurnaceTemperature stabilizationEnergy Efficiency
Single Stage FurnacePoor80% AFUE
Two Stage or Dual Stage FurnaceGood96% AFUE
Modulating or Variable FurnaceExcellent98.2% AFUE